University Grade Trading Education

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As far as technical analysis is concerned, remember, there is no simple “pattern” or “structure” that will continuously make you money. It is a myth and a lie told by too many trading “gurus,” which gives trading a bad name. I do not stick to one “simple” pattern because it will stop working eventually, and I do not like to lose money. While the course content covers the skills needed to analyze and trade on the forex market, Thomas’ advice is to steer clear of forex trading. However, budding traders are free to do as they wish.

  1. Trading is not easy, and that is why I do not sell short and useless courses.
  2. The complete program contains 14 chapters, and the shortened program contains 13 chapters.
  3. A lot of support in private Facebook comunnity group.
  4. Your personal assistant will be available to you even after graduation for either 30 or 60 days.
  5. While Thomas Kralow is personally an advocate for a persistent and patient trading strategy, his course claims to give traders the necessary understanding to devise individual strategies.

You will receive a whole set of rules and tools for safe trading in any market. Each assignment was created personally by Thomas Kralow and is a necessary stage for a comprehensive understanding of the markets, and trading in general. The program contains a separate chapter for beginners. Where all most commonly asked questions are answered – what is a candle, a trend, a flag, a channel, a short, a bid, an ask.

And to the fact that all learning material is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But you need to do this competently and without undue risk. Giving risk management and money management the utmost respect. Trading small volumes at the very beginning of your trading journey is absolutely normal, and even recommended. It is the best way to learn and polish your trading skills. If you have not decided which market to trade or want to change – problem.


The Complete trading course consists of 202 complete lessons arranged into 16 distinct chapters. According to the experiences of our students, even those whose level before training in the program was equal to zero – achieved the desired results. Thomas Kralow provides a lot of simple training solutions for beginners; therefore, anyone can succeed in the financial markets. All it takes is persistence and proper mentorship. Knowledge is built brick by brick so you could get a full picture. Be patient, do not skip homework, put as much effort as it needs and you will get results you expected.


A lot of support in private Facebook comunnity group. A lot of materials and home works to understand everything completely. Take the chance guys and take this journey with us. And you don’t need to be super rich, to start with baby steps and collect money for program. Every student has unlimited access to Kralow Trading Community.


Thomas Kralow will tell you the pros and cons of trading in wast number of markets, and you will choose the one that is right for you. The Thomas Kralow privacy policy reveals that the company are willing to sell personally identifiable information to selected third parties for marketing and sales. Prospective students should make sure they are willing to be contacted by other companies before giving personal information such as their email or home address to the platform. While user accounts are password-protected, payment information is not entered through a secure portal that would ensure full encryption and maximum security. Instead, students must input sensitive card information through a form on the, albeit secure, main site. For trading and educational platforms, security is one of the most common worries for clients.

Shortened Program

I know there are lot of them but as I don’t have any experience of using the platforms for me would be helpful to know the main details. Unfortunately, the Thomas Kralow university-grade trading education program does not have a mobile app. However, the on-demand course content can be accessed on mobile devices through a web browser. Trading students that enroll in the Assisted or Assisted Plus programs have access to additional support in the form of a personal assistant. Assistants can answer specific questions on the course content and are available for 30 days after graduating from the course. Our team were pleased to see an increasing number of testimonials from other users about this program.

Those who wish to sign up for the newsletter have to give their first name, email address and, strangely, their phone number. Given what we have learned about the company’s privacy policy, traders may want to look elsewhere for market news. The course is assessed and graduates will receive a Thomas Kralow university-style diploma upon finishing their final exam.

The diploma has a GPA score of up to 4.0 based on performance in quizzes (40%), practical assignments (30%) and the final exam (30%). However, we suggest you choose from the ‘Complete’ or ‘Shortened’ programs, as the ‘Basic’ program contains just two chapters and is only an introduction to the main program. The Basic program is designed for complete beginners that may feel overwhelmed by the more advanced topics covered in the other two courses.

To purchase a Thomas Kralow trading academy program, users can browse available learning services using a link on the home page. As with the Assisted program, all of the educational content is the same as with the Standard course. However, we like that the Assisted Plus program offers all of the extra features of the Assisted course, as well as access to the mentorship of Kralow himself. The Thomas Kralow Assisted Plus course is the most comprehensive program offered by the trading academy and comes at a hefty premium.

Customer Support

This man has done justice to his work, and his training is of high quality. You will definitely get the value for your money. Thank you.Thomas’ın derslerini daha yeni yeni alıyorum ilk başlarda çok tereddüt ediyordum gözümü karartıp bu işin eğitimini alabileceğim tek yerin burası olduğuna yürekten inanıp giriş yaptım.

Thomas’ Discord community counts over 40,000 active traders from around the globe. It is an online program; therefore, it is possible to start at any time. The program is designed to take around 5 months. You will see and learn a lot from Thomas Kralow.

Therefore, you will have a lot more free time if you end up going for the investing strategies. We liked that all of the academy’s trading learning programs, including the trading psychology thomas karlow segments, can be saved for free with a simple PDF download for later use, reading and referral. It will be up to you, but Thomas will recommend that you first complete the program.

If within 30 days from the date of purchase, for any reason you decide that the program is not suitable for you, we will return the money in full. I have recently started taking Thomas’s classes. Initially, I hesitated, but I gathered the courage and wholeheartedly believed that this was the only place where I could receive the education for this matter.

The Assisted course contains all of the same content as the Standard program but includes guidance from a Thomas Kralow academy advisor. The Assisted course is marketed as having a 60% independent learning to 40% assisted learning split. As well as the course materials, students have access to the Thomas Kralow community forum to interact with other students and graduate traders. This Thomas Kralow review will cover the content and structure of the program, the price of each course and whether you should consider signing up to the trading academy. Therefore, it does not really matter which market you trade or on which timeframe you use.

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